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Client Q&A: Modern Comfort Meets Timeless European Style

Pictured: Client Lee Wetherington and his newly-remodeled Smyrna, GA kitchen.

Remodeling by BA Kitchen & Bath Design. Photography by Sofia Espina.

BA Kitchen & Bath Design recently collaborated with client Lee Wetherington in completing a full remodel of his Smyrna, GA kitchen. In keeping with our client's goals for improved form, function, and ease of use, we made intentional design choices to create a space that combines modern comfort with timeless elegance.

Special features include sleek white quartz countertops, multi-tone cabinetry for added contrast, pendant and under-cabinet lighting, and a Swiss cross tile backsplash for a shift in texture reminiscent of Old European style. Functional improvements include a built-in trash system and pull-out storage options seamlessly incorporated into the cabinetry.

Design Goals

BA: What were your main design goals for your remodeling project?

Client: Our main goals were to improve both function and form. We wanted our kitchen to be easier to use, feel better to hang out in, and more consistent with our own aesthetic/style preferences. We wanted lighter, higher-quality cabinets designed more intentionally around how we use our kitchen, pantry, etc.

BA: How would you describe your household's daily lifestyle?

Client: We all work, but we also prioritize cooking and eating together daily--so the kitchen is central to that. Plus our kitchen is part of a larger open floor plan, so the kitchen also impacts the look and feel of the entire space. We wanted our kitchen to be as comfortable and inviting as our living room area.

BA: What features did you most want to change about your previous space?

Client: We changed everything: cabinets, flooring, appliances, and lighting. We wanted more space around the island, a more convenient trash system, quieter appliances, places to store appliances and keep them hidden without making them more difficult to access. The under-cabinet and in-cabinet lighting were huge upgrades for how we experience our kitchen. We also added pendants and a patterned mesh mosaic backsplash that tied everything together beautifully.

Before & After

Project Details

BA: How would you describe the final design aesthetic?

Client: Not sure how to describe our aesthetic. It's certainly more modern than what we had, but it also feels timeless to us. The Swiss-cross backsplash tile pattern feels both elegant and Old Europe in style.

BA: What are your favorite features of your new space?

Client: We love the trash system, the pantries that hide appliances on slide-out shelves that remain plugged in inside the pantry cabinets, the pull-out utensil drawer adjacent to the stove, the cabinet doors that open AWAY from the hood vent, the under-cabinet lighting, in-cabinet lighting inside the glass-front section of cabinets, the additional space around the big island (especially between the island and the refrigerator), the new pendants, the new appliances (induction stove-top and steam-convection oven instead of microwave).

The Experience

BA: How closely did you work with BA's designers and remodeling professionals when planning your project?

Client: We worked closely with Baldemar, Alex, Karen, and Caroline on design choices. Every single interaction was warm, helpful, clarifying, and encouraging. To the person, everyone we worked with or interacted with at BA Kitchen was friendly and professional.

BA: Do you have any other feedback about your experience working with BA?

Client: We just want to tell you all how thrilled we are to be in our beautiful, new kitchen. Each of you have been a pleasure to work with. In fact, everybody on your team (and in your family) have been kind, professional, and incredibly skilled and efficient. The entire experience has been positive and impressive. That you completed our project in only four weeks is a testament to your coordination and teamwork. That you did that work with an equal commitment to (and eye for) quality is exceptional.

Todd Byrd (our construction manager) was fantastic. From the first phone call, Todd was eager, efficient, and responsive. He was always available to answer questions in person or by phone or text--and he made that clear from the very beginning. He made suggestions about lighting (new cans), utensil drawer placement, etc., all of which we acted on. His recommendations and guidance made a big difference. And his attention to detail inspired trust and gave us peace of mind throughout demolition and construction. Once, I even asked Todd for advice on how to stabilize a wobbly pedestal table of ours, and he just ran out to his truck, came back in with a drill and some screws, and in three minutes fixed a table that had been aggravating me for six months! Todd is exemplary.

Alex, Karen and Caroline gave us solid design advice, helped us understand possibilities with cabinet/island colors, and coached us on innumerable aspects of tile, etc. Plus, they're all just easy and fun to talk to. That goes a long way on a project of this size and complexity. Baldemar, thank you for giving us cabinet doors that open out and away from the hood, a garbage system next to the sink, under-counter lighting, etc. All of your recommendations made us think differently about our space and what's possible. To see it come together has been inspiring.

*All design and remodeling work was completed by BA Kitchen & Bath Design with stone supply and installation by BA Stone Surfaces.

Schedule an estimate today or visit our shared showroom at 1739 Canton Rd Marietta, GA. We take walk-in consults and also sell featured countertops, cabinets, sinks, and more.

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